Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jordan Festival

One of Amman’s biggest summer community events is the Jordan Festival held at the Citadel. The Festival began June 30th and will end August 30th.

Founded in March of this year, the Friends of Jordan Festival Society is a non-profit organization seeking to promote cross-cultural relations, as well as to encourage Jordanian talent, preserve local cultural identity, and to showcase Jordan as a cultural tourist destination.  Director Souha Bawab believes this can all be accomplished by blending musical artists and other performers from all over the globe in a centrally popular location such as the Citadel which is easy for both locals and tourists to find.

“We are all a group of volunteers of businesspeople partnering with the private sector to organize the festival.  We work from morning until midnight to render this festival a success and we receive no salaries,” Bawab commented when asked about the festival. (From the Jordan Times:

Organized by the Friends of the Jordan Festival Society, the Jordan Festival features a wide variety of internationally famous musicians along with local artists and stand-up comedians, all of whom will be performing exclusively at the Citadel.  Some of the performers include: Itar Shame’, Omar Al Faqir, Aziz Maraqa, The Palestinian Youth Orchestra, Shaolin Monks, Farida & the Maqam Ensemble, Mercan Dede and others.  In addition, a “Jordanian Night,” populated exclusively by local artists and stand-up comedians will also take place.  Event coordinators anticipate over 50,000 people will attend the festival this summer.

Ticket prices for the Jordan Festival begin at 10 JD.  For more ticketing information, a full listing of the artists that will be performing, and for more information on the Friends of Jordan Festival Society’s mission and purpose, go to

Written by: Jake Van Hoorn

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