Monday, August 9, 2010

Turning Your Company Logo Into A Custom Olive Wood Design

Did you know that From The Earth can make custom-designed keychains, magnets or hanging ornaments using your company logo?  These items are perfect to give to employees or to those special customers with whom you would like to do continued business.
The process of making a custom olive wood design for your company or business begins with receiving a sample (sketch, photo, or object) of what you envision your item to look like.  We also ask that you indicate size, shape, or finish that you would like for us to consider.
We will then create several design possibilities for keychains, magnets, or ornaments.  To do this, they must bear in mind that it will ultimately be made of and cut from olive wood.  How cuts are to be made, the amount or type of any etching required, along with needed sanding all have to be considered in this draft design.

Once we have created several possible designs, we take them to our olive wood workshop to see if the designs are feasible.  Since quality is our aim, we ensure the design can be effectively replicated and that it will not contain any inherent flaws in strength or durability.  Sometimes the draft designs need to be modified slightly due to issues of thickness, size, or fragility.  Once we settle upon the best design(s), we will cut samples and bring them for your review.

When a sample(s) is selected, your custom olive wood logo is almost ready for production!  You can still make some additional modifications at this time (such as adding a rounded edge), if needed.  Once a final design is chosen, we will then make a rubber stamp of the design which will be used by the wood-cutter to mass produce your keychain, magnet or ornament.

Since each item is handmade from different pieces of wood, they will all be similar, but individually unique.  Differences in wood grain and hue add to the appeal and distinctiveness of each piece making these treasured gifts for your employees or customers!

Written by: Joshua Schupp

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