Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October Jewlry Promotion

From The Earth is offering a special 15% off promotional sale on all jewelry during the month of October.

Now is a great time to begin stocking-up on unique, one-of-a-kind holiday gifts for that special someone.  Let From The Earth be your one-stop shopping place for handmade olive wood jewelry.  Our classic olive wood jewelry designs warm the body and soul with their matchless beauty of nature’s time-etched olive wood grain patterns.  Each jewelry piece is distinct with no two ever being the same due to the individual patterns woven naturally into our top-quality olive wood.

Choose a matching necklace with earrings, or select one of our beautiful pendants to brighten the smile of that special woman in your life. 

We have also designed unique “Friendship Necklaces,” which, when joined together fit like puzzle pieces. Only the pieces from a set will actually fit together, and the entire set is cut from a single piece of wood with the grain running continuously through each piece.  In addition to a single pendant puzzle piece, we offer sets of two matching and three matching pendants which are perfect gifts for friends or siblings. (My three daughters wear a set!).

To take advantage of this promotion:
  • for our customers in Jordan, visit our showroom in Amman during the month of October to receive a 15% discount on all jewelry purchases.
  • for our customers in the US, enter the code FTEJEWEL at to receive 15% off our entire stock of Handmade Olive Wood Jewelry.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Magic of Tree Rings

Did you know that tree rings actually record history?  Dendrochronology is the science of dating past events through the study of tree rings.  Each year trees add a new layer of wood to their trunks and branches.  This results in the the pattern of "rings" which we see when viewing a cross-cut section of the tree.  The size and character of rings actually vary according to weather and climatic patterns allowing scientists to confirm what weather conditions were like in past years.  During dry years rings will be thin, while in wet years they will appear relatively thick.  Soil properties and catastrophic events such as insect infestations, fire and even human events can also affect rings and provide scientists with nature's own special record of history.

The beauty of tree rings and their magical account of history can be seen in each of our unique olive wood coaster sets.  Each set of four coasters are cut from the same branch so they are matched in size and by their distinctive shape(s).  They are then sealed with a natural matte finish to ensure their durability and long life.

While enjoying the practical usefulness and beauty of these coasters, allow your imagination to consider the history each ring represents of the land where the tree grew.
Written By:  Teresa R. Hendry

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Visit us at the Souq!

From The Earth will once again be sponsoring a booth at Souq Jara in Jabal Amman each Friday beginning September 17 through October 29.  Souq Jara provides an opportunity for Amman to highlight its cultural charm by showcasing some of Jordan’s finest handicrafts, antiques, paintings and other items. In addition, the festive atmosphere of the Souq provides for a fun family outing with live music and entertainment, games and activities for all ages.  From The Earth is proud to support the local community by participating in this event and by showcasing our fine handicraft products produced by local artisans.  Please come by to visit us and enjoy the Souq!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

American Express Selects Partnership

As of July of this year, we began a partnership with American Express in Jordan. As a Selects partner, we are offering 10% off all purchases in our showroom if you use your American Express card. This offer is valid from 1 July 2010 to 30 December 2010.

Click here for details about the offer.
You can also view other Selects partner offers here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Social Entrepreneurship & Fair Trade

At From The Earth, we are dedicated to the ideals of social entrepreneurship and fair trade business practices.  These ideals are so important to us that they are written into our company’s core values. 

Social Entrepreneurship is the implementation of innovative business practices which do not seek profit as the “bottom line” at the expense of individuals or the environment. Rather, the aim of social entrepreneurship is to improve the overall social and economic status of employees and the local community while operating an environmentally responsible business. Social entrepreneurship is characterized by ethical business standards, the payment of fair wages, providing a safe working environment for employees and a determination to solve, not create, social problems.  Social entrepreneurs act as “change agents” for society, seizing opportunities to improve existing systems, inventing new approaches for production, and by creating solutions to change society for the better.

Fair Trade is the development of trading partnerships based on dialogue, transparency and respect which seek to provide greater equality in international trade. This manner of doing business goes beyond simply offering fair prices for marketable goods, but is intended to assist marginalized people escape poverty. Fair trade promotes economic sustainability by encouraging people to acquire new job skills, and by providing individuals a suitable living income tied to sound business practices.

If you would like to know more about social entrepreneurship, fair trade, or our business standards and values, visit the Our Business Model page on this blog.