Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October Jewlry Promotion

From The Earth is offering a special 15% off promotional sale on all jewelry during the month of October.

Now is a great time to begin stocking-up on unique, one-of-a-kind holiday gifts for that special someone.  Let From The Earth be your one-stop shopping place for handmade olive wood jewelry.  Our classic olive wood jewelry designs warm the body and soul with their matchless beauty of nature’s time-etched olive wood grain patterns.  Each jewelry piece is distinct with no two ever being the same due to the individual patterns woven naturally into our top-quality olive wood.

Choose a matching necklace with earrings, or select one of our beautiful pendants to brighten the smile of that special woman in your life. 

We have also designed unique “Friendship Necklaces,” which, when joined together fit like puzzle pieces. Only the pieces from a set will actually fit together, and the entire set is cut from a single piece of wood with the grain running continuously through each piece.  In addition to a single pendant puzzle piece, we offer sets of two matching and three matching pendants which are perfect gifts for friends or siblings. (My three daughters wear a set!).

To take advantage of this promotion:
  • for our customers in Jordan, visit our showroom in Amman during the month of October to receive a 15% discount on all jewelry purchases.
  • for our customers in the US, enter the code FTEJEWEL at to receive 15% off our entire stock of Handmade Olive Wood Jewelry.

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