Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Wedding in the FTE Family!

This month the From The Earth family is celebrating the marriage of Nadeen Abdel Kareem Abu-Khairan, our Workroom Supervisor, to Fahed Mohammad al-Farawati.  They were married on the 5th of November, and then left on an 8-day honeymoon to Malaysia.  Nadeen has been a valuable member of the FTE team for over two years, and we rejoice with her as she and Fahed enter this new phase of life together.

When asked about what she most enjoyed about her time in Malaysia, Nadeen responded, “Playing with the monkeys,” [no reference intended for her husband here!  :-)  ]

When asked what was most different about her life now that she is married, Nadeen said, “I now have more responsibility at home.  I am responsible for the cooking, washing, cleaning, and my husband.  In addition, I still have certain responsibilities for my family, and now for my husband’s family as well."

She went on to say that she is “happy to be able to now plan her future with someone she loves, and she is looking forward to the day when she and Fahed will have children.”

All the best to Nadeen and Fahed
from the FTE family!

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