Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making Jewelry at FTE

Did You Know that at From The Earth we design and manufacture our own jewelry?

Using a team of talented young women from both western and local backgrounds, FTE encourages them to fashion new designs for our one-of-a kind jewelry pieces.  One of the priorities in our designs is to incorporate olive wood and other materials found locally and regionally.  In addition, research is constantly being done by FTE staff to stay current on fashion trends in order to appeal to consumers both locally and abroad.

After a rough design is completed and selected for potential production, it is  worn for testing by our staff to evaluate functionality, attractiveness, and durability.  It may take several weeks of adjusting the design and methods of assembly, evaluating the piece’s overall appearance, and testing for durability before the piece is approved for production.  During this time, our testers also make sure the size and weight is visually pleasing and comfortable.

The care and attention we give to the design and production of our jewelry assures our customers that they receive the finest handcrafted jewelry products possible when they are purchased from FTE.

We will notify our customers when our newest line of jewelry becomes available.

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