Monday, February 7, 2011

New Line of Handmade Syrian Boxes

From The Earth is pleased to announce that we have a new selection of handmade inlaid boxes from Old Damascus, Syria now available in our showroom.

We first introduced samples of these exquisite boxes last year, and due to their popularity and quality, we have decided to engage the artisan to provide a full line of these beautiful pieces of practical artwork for our FTE customers.

Notice the fine detail from the box on the above left
Many boxes found in local tourist shops are covered with a thin colored film over cheaply manufactured balsa wood intended to imitate inlaid artwork.

Our boxes however, are carefully crafted using the natural beauty of a variety of genuine hardwoods along with real mother of pearl to produce some of the most ornate and meticulously handcrafted boxes you will ever find!

"Seeing is believing," so come to our showroom to compare these incredible pieces of art against the common street product (which we have for comparison, but will not sell), and you will never buy a cheap imitation again!

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