Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vendor Highlight - Al Shalati Bookshop

We are pleased to announce that our products are now being carried at the Al Shalati Bookshop in Sweifieh. At FTE, we are always looking to add to our repertoire of stores throughout Jordan, so that you have a multitude of options when you want to grab a handmade card or try on new jewelry. 

The Al Shalati Bookshop was first established in 1995 as a single store for books. Since then, it has grown to also be a trendy and fun stop for stationary, gifts, accessories and toys. Just last year, they opened their second location on Gardens Street, next to the Jabri restaurant. 

This bustling store features both a full-sized bookstore as well as an adjoining gift shop. If you want to pick up some of our ornaments, key chains, jewelry and handmade cards, stop on by! Al Shalati is located just off Wakalat Street, right across from Lebnani Snack in Sweifieh.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday at FTE!

At From the Earth we are never too busy to celebrate our people and have some fun! Yummy cake, good food and tasty treats, what more could we ask for? The month of May was especially blessed with numerous birthdays! So here's a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Courtney, Heather, Mariam, Hanan and Mariam! May your days be filled with warm, fun memories for the rest of the year!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get to Know....Leen Tabba!

Fine, hand-crafted artistry is celebrated and showcased at FTE through the
work of various local artists.  Artisan Leen Tabba has the ability to use regular fabrics and turn them into a living story.

Leen began to develop her line of unique fabric products in 2007 when she replicated her grandmother's handmade prayer rug for family members.  Discovering a love of design and art, Leen began to sketch new product designs in the evenings while her children slept. Drawing inspiration from everyday examples of love and beauty, she sought to create pieces that would encourage her clientele to relive precious memories of good times past. An elderly couple enjoying each other's companionship, a mother caring for her child, or young people preparing to marry; these are just some of the stories that feed her creativity.  Gaining inspiration from music as well, she incorporates lyrics from classical Arab singers into her textile creations. Leen studied Business Administration at the University of Jordan and has used her skills to develop viable partnerships with local women who sew her designs.
Leen packaging her tablecloths and fabric pieces
Leen's favorite pieces are her fabric and leather tablecloths, purses, jewelry bags, and her night masks filled with lavender. She is currently launching a new line of beautiful yet functional pieces like wall hangings and clothing with detailed embroidery work. All of the fabrics she uses are of the highest quality and are purchased locally in Jordan. Working out of her home allows Leen to care for her children while continuing to develop her professional skills and promote employment for other women in the community. 

Leen is currently working closely with From the Earth to design and create gift items that reflect her creativity yet incorporate new ideas inspired by our customers.  These new items made exclusively for From the Earth can be found at our retail store in Bayader Wadi El Seer. Drop by to see her masterpieces!

Happy Jordan Independence Day

We would like to wish a Happy 65th Independence Day to all those who call Jordan home!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Season is Here!!!!!!!

It's that time of year again........Wedding Season!!! Time to pull those dresses out of the closet, bust out your dancing shoes and get yourself dolled up for your friends' big days. All those "Save the Dates" which were written in your calendar months ago are quickly approaching.

But amidst all the primping and prepping, we often forget one very important little detail - the CARD. It is often while we are busy putting on the finishing touches of our make-up or running late out the door that we suddenly realize, "Oh no, I forgot to get them a card!" And quite honestly, while we would all like to think that our very presence at our friends' special event is more than enough, let's face it, we really do need to give them a friendly reminder that we were there. Furthermore, if monetary gifts are preferred, that wedding card becomes ever-more-important as handing the happy couple a pile of cash is not classy.

So save yourself some last-minute panic and plan ahead. Buy now and avoid the frantic running around later. At From The Earth we have some beautiful handmade cards which are guaranteed to set yourself apart from the other guests. Drop by our showroom in Bayader Wadi Seer or purchase them online at Amazon. You can also visit any of the stores which sell our cards.

 For those living far away from friends and family, this special card will be a nice personal touch. Make sure you leave ample time for the card to arrive in the mail so that your note will not be late!

Happy Wedding Season and Mabrook to this year's newlyweds!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Souk Jara Begins May 13

We always have a great time at Souk Jara, and we are looking forward to another great summer this year!  The Souk is packed with handicrafts, art, food vendors and entertainment.

Join us at Souk Jara this summer from 10 AM - 10 PM every Friday, beginning May 13!  Souk Jara is located off of Rainbow Street just past Gerards Ice Cream and Cups and Kilos.

Are you looking for a hand crafted Jordanian gift for family or friends this summer? Take a look at our new olive wood and stone necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Or maybe you have friends who are visiting who would like our handmade olive wood jewelry, including the popular hoop earrings, moon and star pendant or wrap-around necklace. Do you need to pick up some hand carved olive wood bowls, spoons or spatulas for the gourmet chef in your family?  If you want something small to brighten your kitchen, try one of our Middle Eastern themed magnets. Of course, we always have camel figurines, Christmas ornaments, picture frames, keychains and more.

While you are enjoying the festive atmosphere with your family, swing by table L33 and say hello. We look forward to seeing you soon.

If you want more information about Souk Jara, visit the official Souk Jara facebook page.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vender Highlight - Hakawati Books and Art

FTE values intentional participation in our local community, and it is our pleasure to highlight one of our vendors, Hakawati Books and Art (Mecca Street) for their role in supporting local authors and artisans.

In times past, the peoples of the Levant would gather to listen to masterfully told tales by a “Hakawati”, or storyteller. Founder and owner May Ghassan's vision grew from this heritage and expanded to create a family business where local children could grow up being nurtured into the world of story, reading, and the arts. Hakawati features a carefully chosen selection of English, French, and Arabic books for children and parents, and often hosts book-readings by talented local authors to help fuel appreciation for Arab literature in today's generation. A globally inspired range of programs serve to gather families together from around Amman.   Examples are their “mommy and me” mornings, puppet shows, Chinese for kids, and enticing art classes that range from drawing to mosaics.

Treat your family to a creative morning in the warm and inviting atmosphere of Hakawati.   Parents can enjoy a coffee in the cafe while their children take advantage of the free story readings on Saturday mornings at 11:30, or choose a ceramic piece to decorate in the Atelier Art Center. While you browse the amazing selection of books and products, don't forget to choose a locally handcrafted greeting card from FTE for your next special occasion.