Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get to Know....Leen Tabba!

Fine, hand-crafted artistry is celebrated and showcased at FTE through the
work of various local artists.  Artisan Leen Tabba has the ability to use regular fabrics and turn them into a living story.

Leen began to develop her line of unique fabric products in 2007 when she replicated her grandmother's handmade prayer rug for family members.  Discovering a love of design and art, Leen began to sketch new product designs in the evenings while her children slept. Drawing inspiration from everyday examples of love and beauty, she sought to create pieces that would encourage her clientele to relive precious memories of good times past. An elderly couple enjoying each other's companionship, a mother caring for her child, or young people preparing to marry; these are just some of the stories that feed her creativity.  Gaining inspiration from music as well, she incorporates lyrics from classical Arab singers into her textile creations. Leen studied Business Administration at the University of Jordan and has used her skills to develop viable partnerships with local women who sew her designs.
Leen packaging her tablecloths and fabric pieces
Leen's favorite pieces are her fabric and leather tablecloths, purses, jewelry bags, and her night masks filled with lavender. She is currently launching a new line of beautiful yet functional pieces like wall hangings and clothing with detailed embroidery work. All of the fabrics she uses are of the highest quality and are purchased locally in Jordan. Working out of her home allows Leen to care for her children while continuing to develop her professional skills and promote employment for other women in the community. 

Leen is currently working closely with From the Earth to design and create gift items that reflect her creativity yet incorporate new ideas inspired by our customers.  These new items made exclusively for From the Earth can be found at our retail store in Bayader Wadi El Seer. Drop by to see her masterpieces!

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