Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vendor Highlight - Al Shalati Bookshop

We are pleased to announce that our products are now being carried at the Al Shalati Bookshop in Sweifieh. At FTE, we are always looking to add to our repertoire of stores throughout Jordan, so that you have a multitude of options when you want to grab a handmade card or try on new jewelry. 

The Al Shalati Bookshop was first established in 1995 as a single store for books. Since then, it has grown to also be a trendy and fun stop for stationary, gifts, accessories and toys. Just last year, they opened their second location on Gardens Street, next to the Jabri restaurant. 

This bustling store features both a full-sized bookstore as well as an adjoining gift shop. If you want to pick up some of our ornaments, key chains, jewelry and handmade cards, stop on by! Al Shalati is located just off Wakalat Street, right across from Lebnani Snack in Sweifieh.

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