Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Season is Here!!!!!!!

It's that time of year again........Wedding Season!!! Time to pull those dresses out of the closet, bust out your dancing shoes and get yourself dolled up for your friends' big days. All those "Save the Dates" which were written in your calendar months ago are quickly approaching.

But amidst all the primping and prepping, we often forget one very important little detail - the CARD. It is often while we are busy putting on the finishing touches of our make-up or running late out the door that we suddenly realize, "Oh no, I forgot to get them a card!" And quite honestly, while we would all like to think that our very presence at our friends' special event is more than enough, let's face it, we really do need to give them a friendly reminder that we were there. Furthermore, if monetary gifts are preferred, that wedding card becomes ever-more-important as handing the happy couple a pile of cash is not classy.

So save yourself some last-minute panic and plan ahead. Buy now and avoid the frantic running around later. At From The Earth we have some beautiful handmade cards which are guaranteed to set yourself apart from the other guests. Drop by our showroom in Bayader Wadi Seer or purchase them online at Amazon. You can also visit any of the stores which sell our cards.

 For those living far away from friends and family, this special card will be a nice personal touch. Make sure you leave ample time for the card to arrive in the mail so that your note will not be late!

Happy Wedding Season and Mabrook to this year's newlyweds!

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