Monday, June 13, 2011

Did you know Olive Wood can be Green?

During June, "Souk Jara Goes Green." This means that the market will be featuring more eco-friendly initiatives and will be teaching recycling awareness to the residents of Amman. In light of this month's theme, we at From the Earth decided to take this opportunity to share our small part in creating a greener world.

There are some who believe that by creating olive wood products, we are killing trees and depleting Jordan's already-scarce supply of greenery. Nothing could be further from the truth! Each year we collect wood after the olive trees are pruned to produce a greater olive harvest next year. The trees are not damaged in this process and we get to recycle the pruned branches.

Our people have been able to take this waste and turn it into beautiful and useful ornaments, jewelry and kitchen items. 

So the next time you use our popular fish bowls or spiral salad server sets, you can feel good about helping to reduce waste and helping olive trees continue to grow fruit!

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