Sunday, July 31, 2011

Congrats to the Successful Students of Tawjihi 2011!

Every year, high school students across the country write the annual Tawjihi exam. Tawjihi is a very big issue in Jordan - a family who has a student writing the Tawjihi is like a family living through an emergency; they can’t travel anywhere or have a party at home, and they must provide a quiet and comfortable atmosphere throughout the year.

Parents keep praying and students hold their breath until the results are announced. They know that Tawjihi is the harvest of the last 12 years and it determines which major the students can specialize in at university.
People are used to celebrating Tawjihi in many different ways - some make a big feast for relatives and friends, while others may go on a holiday to relax. At From The Earth, we have made special congratulations cards dedicated to all those Tawjihi students who passed. Pick one up at our showroom or any of our stores.

Mabrook to the successful students of 2011!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Teenager's Royal Experience

For Jumana, it was just another Friday in Amman. Off from school for the summer, she got up early to accompany her mother to Souk Jara. Jumana's mother works for From the Earth, and Jumana sometimes tagged along on Friday mornings to help her mother sell at the bustling market.

Souk Jara is always fun - the sun is shining, you're outside in the cool morning breeze, and of course, you always get to meet interesting new people from around the world.

So imagine her curiosity when a well-dressed couple, accompanied by a military agent and two bodyguards approached her booth. The couple were young and charming, and very friendly. The wife was elegant yet poised, and she had a clear sense of style.

"Where are you from?" Jumana's mother asked.

Jumana and her mother continued to chat away with the new visitors as the wife admired the olive wood jewelry that their booth had to offer, finally settling on a beautiful pair of earrings.

A simple, pleasant encounter. Jumana didn't know much about the foreign country of Luxembourg, so when she went home she logged onto the Internet to learn more. Imagine her surprise when she discovered that those friendly strangers were, in fact, Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg.

Royalty. Jumana had met and interacted with real royalty.

"I've never met a princess before!" she recounted excitedly! "And they were so nice and down-to-earth! I wish I had my camera!"

It just goes to show that everyone should check out Souk Jara. You never know who you'll end up rubbing elbows with!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ramadan Hours

As Ramadan is quickly approaching we would like to inform you of our reduced hours during this special time of the year:

                    Sunday to Thursday: 8 am to 4 pm
                    Saturday:                  Closed

From The Earth will also be closed from August 19 to September 4, resuming normal hours on Monday, September 5.

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blooms in Abdoun

If you’re looking to purchase balloons, plants, bouquets, wedding arrangements or our handmade greeting cards in Abdoun, Wardati is the perfect shop to meet your needs. Wardati, meaning “my flowers” in Arabic, is a spacious and modern flower shop that opened only three months ago; however, this family-owned business has had over 30 years of floral artistry experience!

Our interns at From the Earth had the privilege to speak to Mais, the oldest daughter in the family and the business manager of Wardati. Mais proudly shared with us that the flowers used at Wardati are delivered to the shop twice a week from different areas of Jordan, Holland and Ukraine – guaranteeing freshness and exceptional variety.

Wardati can work with any budget, and the employees are happy to custom arrange your flowers and even deliver them. This flower shop not only supplies beautiful flowers for parties and weddings, but they also offer their excellent services of coordinating the event.

Next time you’re in Abdoun, stop by Wardati to browse their lovely array of flowers and our rack of handmade cards. If you get to meet Mais, give her our greetings!

Store Information
Location: Abdoun, Amman
Operating hours: 9am – 9:30pm daily
Phone number: 06-592-2442

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last 2 days at Souk Jara!

It's hard to believe how quickly the summer has flown by! Our last day at Souk Jara this year will be Friday, July 29. This means that From the Earth will only be at Souk Jara for 2 more weeks, before we stop for Ramadan.

So make sure you stop by and grab one of Leen's beautiful hand-embroidered purses, those olive wood gifts for your trip back home, or your early-bird 2012 Jordan calendar!

It's been a beautiful summer and we've had lots of fun at the Souk! Say hello before the season is over - we look forward to seeing you there.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Celebrating Culture at the Jerash Festival

First established in 1981 and put on hold in 2008, the Jerash Festival of Music & Arts is back! This vibrant cultural festival will be held among the ruins of Jordan's 2000-year-old Roman city with music, dancing, poetry, handicrafts, and more. Transforming the North and South Theaters and the steps of the Artemis Temple into live venues for artists from around the globe, this year's festival promises to be a spectacular event.

The festival kicks off on July 20 at the southern theatre with opening performances by Jordan's well-known group, Rum, which performs under the leadership of musician and composer Tareq Nasser. The schedule includes performances by globally-recognized singers from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Kuwait, as well as folklore troupes from Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Germany, China, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Spain.

For more information, you can find the schedule in English or in Arabic.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Google Maps!

Do you have trouble finding places in Jordan? Would you like to visit our stores to buy products, but feel as if you are "directionally challenged"?

Well, we have set up a Google Map which lists all of our stores. If you click on each store, you can also get directions from where you are:

From The Earth Map

It's easy and simple to use! Hopefully you'll find it as helpful as we do!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's Play at the Children's Museum!

Summer's here and school is out, so what to do now? It's time to play around Amman, and what better place than at the Children's Museum?

The Children’s Museum, which is located behind the King Hussein Park and beside the Royal Automobile Museum, is chock-full of fun and entertainment.  I went there recently with my family, and as I walked around the museum and did some of the hands-on activities, I realized just how much there is to do!  There is a construction zone, a sandbox with buried ‘artifacts,’ a star room with different constellations, a grocery store, a news station, a theatre with dress-up clothes, outdoor exhibits and many other fun, interactive activities.
Ibrahim Hawamdeh, the museum’s program and floor supervisor, explained that the museum’s policy is not to answer questions, but to ask questions and help children learn to think through things.  My sister and I did a tug-of-war, and the first time, my sister quickly won.  We switched sides, and I effortlessly pulled the rope all the way and my sister was struggling to pull the rope a few feet.  A poster on the side of the box with the ropes said: “No matter who is pulling, one person will always win.  Can you figure out why?”  Together we figured out the answer.
Ibrahim also mentioned that the Children’s Museum wants to make learning fun.  Kids learn best by doing, which is why the exhibits are all hands-on.

The Children’s Museum also wants to allow under-served children and families to come and enjoy all the museum has to offer.  On the fourth Friday of every month, anyone can come to the museum for free.  This allows families who are not able to afford the entrance fees the opportunity to come and enjoy the museum.

Because the museum does not have enough staff to constantly help all the children that come, the museum has a volunteer program for teenagers aged 16 and up.  These volunteers help out by keeping the exhibit hall neat and assisting the children when needed.

The Children’s Museum also has a library, gift shop, kiosk (snack shop), and a birthday party room that can hold up to 35 children.  The gift shop has things such as games, toys, puzzles, and a variety of other gifts including From the Earth’s greeting cards and olive wood jewelry.  We especially enjoyed trying on the different hats the gift shop has for sale.

The Children’s Museum is a great place to take your children for a day of fun and exploration.  As we are hitting the halfway mark of summer vacation, a trip to the Children’s Museum is a great way to cure summer boredom!  For more information, check out the museum’s website

Operating Hours:    
Saturday to Thursday – 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.
Friday – 10 A.M. to 7 P.M.
The Museum is closed on Tuesdays

3 JD per person
2 JD per person (Groups of 10 or more)
Babies 1 year and under are free

Monday, July 11, 2011

2012 Calendars Now Available!

From The Earth is happy to announce that our 2012 Jordan Calendars are now available.

Each month has a lovely picture of Jordan and a matte-finish calendar that makes easy to record your appointments. These are perfect, small gifts for your friends and family that showcase the beauty of Jordan.

Our calendars are available in our showroom in Bayader Wadi Al Seer, at our booth in Souk JARA, and in shops around Amman. They are only 5.50 JD per calendar, or 5 JD if you purchase them at Souk JARA!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Christmas in July!

During the month of July, all of our olive wood ornaments, Christmas cards and figurines, including Nativity sets, will be 15% off! What better way to get an early start on your Christmas shopping or get some gifts for your summer travels! This deal is available on Amazon and in our showroom at Bayader Wadi Seer.

To take advantage of this amazing promotion online check out our products on Amazon in Europe and Amazon in the US.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Design Your Own Custom Handmade Cards!

Are you looking for something unique to market your business?  Or maybe you want to add an extra splash of your own personality for a special event like a wedding or a baby's birth announcement. We can design cards just for you. 

How does it work? After a personal consultation with our talented designer, we will present three different designs that reflect you! You can make up to three changes to the design, and with our creative expertise, your ideas, your colors, and your style, we know that you will love your card.

With only a minimum order of 100 cards, our custom designs start at just 1.75 JD (plus VAT) per card. This includes your personal consultation, all sample designs, printing on the inside, and envelopes.

Call us at 06-585-7838 or email to create your own custom designed cards.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2012 Calendars Now Available!

From The Earth is happy to announce that our 2012 Jordan Calendars are now available.

Each month has a lovely picture of Jordan and a matte-finish calendar that makes easy to record your appointments. These are perfect, small gifts for your friends and family that showcase the beauty of Jordan.

Our calendars are available in our showroom in Bayader Wadi Al Seer, at our booth in Souk JARA, and in shops around Amman. They are only 5.50 JD per calendar, or 5 JD if you purchase them at Souk JARA!