Monday, July 18, 2011

Celebrating Culture at the Jerash Festival

First established in 1981 and put on hold in 2008, the Jerash Festival of Music & Arts is back! This vibrant cultural festival will be held among the ruins of Jordan's 2000-year-old Roman city with music, dancing, poetry, handicrafts, and more. Transforming the North and South Theaters and the steps of the Artemis Temple into live venues for artists from around the globe, this year's festival promises to be a spectacular event.

The festival kicks off on July 20 at the southern theatre with opening performances by Jordan's well-known group, Rum, which performs under the leadership of musician and composer Tareq Nasser. The schedule includes performances by globally-recognized singers from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Kuwait, as well as folklore troupes from Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Germany, China, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Spain.

For more information, you can find the schedule in English or in Arabic.

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