Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School!

As the summer comes to an end much faster than most of us would like, we start to think of all of the things involved in starting school. Before we know it, we are running around town buying new clothes and uniforms, running to school to get our books and put them in our lockers, buying school supplies, and the list goes on. Then when we try to catch our breath and relax a little, the first day of school arrives.

I have enjoyed the days of relaxing, sleeping in, and no homework, coupled with picnics in the forest and trips to the Dead Sea. A part of me wishes that summer could last a little longer, but another part of me is ready to start school – I get to see my friends and begin a whole new school year.

So, for all students, welcome back to school, and From the Earth wishes you the best as you start a new school year.

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