Monday, September 19, 2011


When I think back to parties I attended as a child, I always picture balloons. Balloons were necessary to decorate any event because they made the place fun; whenever they were around, we knew it was time to play. Balloons always brought giggles and laughter from everyone, young and old.

Balloons exude fun, joy, and happiness like nothing else.

Balalino takes these simple, fun decorations, and turns them into brilliant masterpieces. No matter the occasion, whether small or large, simple or elaborate, Balalino can create whatever you imagine.

Located around 4th Circle in Amman, Balalino is the premier provider of balloons in Jordan. The shop offers truly innovative designs and is committed to making whatever you dream come true.

The next time you want to celebrate a birthday or a new baby, give balloons. These unique innovations are bursting with fun and excitement, and they are certain to add extra enjoyment to your day. Balalino also has two other locations in Oman and in the United Arab Emirates. For more information visit their Facebook page or their website.

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