Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fihmi Abu Edshaysh: The man behind the loom

Two members of our From the Earth team had a wonderful time traveling to Madaba to visit Fihmi Abu Edshaysh—the rug designer recognized for the lovely pieces showcased in our storefront. 

Fihmi was eager to show us around his workspace of three large looms, and he allowed us to observe how he hand-weaves his rugs with 100% sheep’s wool. He shared with us how he learned the art of weaving in Egypt and then moved to Madaba to start a business selling rugs. His family lives in Egypt, but Fihmi works diligently in Jordan to earn a living and provide for them. He visits Egypt to see his wife and kids a few times a year during holidays.

Fihmi’s beautiful artwork is inspired by traditional Bedouin designs, which he makes and sells on his own. He originally produced rugs from natural white, beige, and brown wool, but he now experiments with different dyes to produce vibrant and interesting patterns. With years of weaving experience, Fihmi can weave almost any design or picture and also offers his services for custom-designed rugs.

Fihmi Abu Edshaysh's hand-woven rugs made specifically for From the Earth are completely natural, containing no dyes or added colors. Stop by our showroom to take a look!

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