Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Reminder for USA and UK

Don't forget that today you can either start or complete your Christmas shopping via our Cyber Monday specials. See below for details.

Cyber Monday Specials:

Wood figurines 20% off

Tell your parents how much they mean to you by purchasing one of the heart family figurines. Do you have a new mother in your life? Why not purchase the Mother and Child to commemorate the occasion. Let's not forget the obvious choice. Who wouldn't want an angel or camel?

These items are perfect for stocking stuffers or for the unexpected, "Whoops, I forgot I needed to give my aunt's cousin's uncle a gift." These small items are ideal for the office present exchanges. Not only are they cute and unique, but they also have a great story to share.

Jewelry 10% off 

Jewelry. 'Nuff said.

 Kitchen Items 10% off

Mom, grandma, or you yourself will enjoy using these sturdy items. They may look purely decorative, but they are intended for daily use. You can cook for and serve your guests with style.

 Cards 10% Off

Stock up now for your 2012 card needs. The ladies of From The Earth have designed cards for all occasions.

Jordan - Mention this blog post and receive our Cyber Monday deals in our Amman showroom.

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