Monday, January 23, 2012

Red, Pink, and Olive Wood?

Fair trade is not the first topic that comes to mind when thinking about Valentine's Day. But as a significant chocolate, card, and gift holiday - it probably should. 

Let's take chocolate for example. You can purchase Valentine's Day chocolate boxes at retailers all over the world. Some of this chocolate is very tasty and communicates your thoughtfulness towards the recipient. However, many of those chocolate boxes shaped like a heart and wrapped in red cellophane only serve to add width to the hips with very little joy on the tongue; not very romantic or thoughtful.

Valentine's Day is a perfect holiday to show the people you care about that you also care about the many people around the world who benefit when you buy fair trade. If you are looking for some really good chocolate that also serves the cocoa farmers of the world, check out this site that has several brands listed that sell certified fair trade chocolate. But don't just give your loved ones chocolate.

Give them a gift they can use and remember for several years to come. From The Earth, a fair trade company, has several excellent Valentine's Day gift ideas for the special people in your life. 

Whether you want a unique, handmade card or jewelry each purchase you make will be a help to the community of Amman, Jordan.

From The Earth: A Valuable Life Behind Each Product
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