Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to Buy a Bracelet Online

You can find massive amounts of beautiful bracelets online for affordable prices. The only problem with purchasing fun bangles from your favorite online retailer is that you never know if the bracelet you choose will fit correctly. 

When you visit a brick and motor store you have the luxury of slipping the beautiful accessory over you hand and admiring the perfect fit before heading to the register. When you follow the below steps, you can have the same exhilarating experience when you open your freshly delivered box and pull out your new bracelet.

Select Your Bracelet
There are a variety of bracelet types. Some types require you to slide a bracelet over your hand, whereas other bracelets have clasps and extensions. As you shop online make note of the material the bracelet is made from. This will help you to determine what size will fit best.

Example: Olive Wood Bangle Bracelet

How big is your wrist?
To ensure a good fit for your bangle bracelet, you will need to measure the width of your wrist from wrist bone to wrist bone. This will help you determine the diameter of your wrist which is the measurement that most online retailers will use for sizing.

Example: Measure wrist size is 6 cm

How big is your hand?
You do not want your bracelet to look like a rubber band on your wrist, so be sure to account for comfort and movement of the bracelet. Also, remember that bangles will need room to move over your wrist at the widest part of your hand. If your bracelet is a bangle, then measure the widest part of your hand by folding your thumb into your hand as you would when putting on a bracelet. Take note of this as well.

Example: 16 cm

Select Your Size
After gathering your measurements, you can look at the sizes offered. Following the example above, the small Olive Wood Bangle would be the perfect fit. Following the same logic, the Olive Wood Beaded Bracelet with Brown Beads would be too slightly too large for this person as it is almost a 7cm diameter, the Cluster Bracelet would be a good fit because it has the extension clasp on it, and Triple Strand Bracelet would be a good fit because it is close to a 6 cm diameter.

Special Note: If the bracelet you select is not measured by diameter, but is instead measured by circumference or length of the bracelet, don't fret, you can use the same wrist measurement to determine the correct size. Simply, take the measurement of your wrist and multiply it by 3.14. The result is the length of bracelet that will work best for you.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stop Into books@cafe

Books, food, music, internet, and coffee, what more could you want?

books@cafe, a From The Earth reseller located between Rainbow Street and downtown Amman opened it's doors in 1997 after the founders saw a need. The need was a place where people could come and relax with friends in an ultra-chic environment. The full founders story is on the books@cafe website.

What came next was the books@cafe you see today. Here you can find excellent books, eclectic music, and delicious food. Enjoy the outdoor area in the spring and summer, and the chic interior in the fall and winter months.

From The Earth is proud to have books@cafe as a reseller of our handmade, fair trade products. When you stop in to books@cafe with friends, check out the card rack loaded with fair trade cards handmade right here in Amman, Jordan.

If you cannot make it into the store, books@cafe also has an online cart where you can purchase their products (and From The Earth products as well.)
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tawjihi Results on Saturday!!!

The Tawjihi results will be in soon. Are you ready to congratulate the student in your life? 

Kids are back to school, Valentine's Day is around the corner, and life has just gotten very hectic. But in the midst of all the busyness, don't forget that the second round of Tawjihi results come out this Saturday! In case you've forgotten what Tawjihi is about, you can read all about it here.

Be sure to remember to pick up a card to congratulate that successful student in your life. They've worked hard and deserve it! 

In Amman, you can pick up one of several congratulation cards at locations where you shop everyday.

Here are a few locations:
Mega Store in Mecca Mall
Readers (don't forget their Taj Mall location)
Virgin Megastore in City Mall

For our complete list of locations, take a look at this google map. You will notice that there are several flower shops and balloon stores as well. Why not pick up a bouquet of flowers or balloons to go with your card.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

From The Earth Closed this Saturday

From The Earth will be closed this Saturday, February 4th in observance of the government holiday. You can still purchase From The Earth's products at many retail locations around Amman or online from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon FR.

In case you are keeping track, there are only 12 days until Valentine's Day. Are you prepared?

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How Many Friends Do You Have?

Since the beginning From The Earth's Puzzle Piece Friendship Necklaces have been our most purchased item. We started with our two friends puzzle piece necklace, but quickly learned that you had way more than one close friend. Because of this we expanded our products to have up to six different friends all linked together. You liked that right?

Now for those of you who enjoy the sentiment of the friendship necklace, but would rather not wear matching jewelry with your friends, we have the perfect product for you - friendship keychains!

Do you have two friends? Three friends? Four? Five? We have you covered! The friendship puzzle piece key chains are available from 1-6 pieces. Like many of our products, these key chains are made from recycled olive wood. Lightweight with a durable chain, these little guys make for great Valentine's presents, groomsmen or bridesmaid gifts, or an anytime gift to let your friends know how much you care. Just take a look at this video to see the many different puzzle piece key chain options.

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