Friday, May 25, 2012

Jordan Independence Day

Jet planes, helicopters, and flags are just a few of the sights you will see if you find yourself in Amman, Jordan for Jordan Independence Day.

The below information is taken from We recommend celebrating this great day wisely and thoughtfully.

"Jordan Independence Day, is a chance for Jordanians to recall achievements and seek more development, for the great country that is lead by the wise Hashemites. Jordan won its independence and was declared as The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on May 25, 1946 following the end of the British mandate."

How to celebrate independence day?
Celebrating independence should urge the responsibility to do more, it is a call for work, actions, sacrifice, and accepting others, for even higher standards of excellence. Success is a continuous and progressive process, people should celebrate the independence day with a vow to work harder in order to make our beloved country, Jordan, a better place for generations to come.

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