Monday, June 18, 2012

A Fair Trade Kitchen: Hand Carved Olive Wood Risotto Spoon

If you enjoy time in the kitchen, seeing and trying new kitchen tools should spark your interest. From The Earth would like to introduce you to our Hand Carved Olive Wood Risotto Spoon (also known as a stir spoon).

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This unique spoon is worth adding to your kitchen gadget collection. Our risotto spoon will do more than help you make a perfect risotto.  The hole in the middle allows for gentle stirring helpful for sauces, rice dishes, batter, or dough. In Middle Eastern cooking there are many delicious rice dishes that could benefit from a spoon like this. Wait until you see how easy it is make Mdardara with this spoon.

This Middle Eastern Rice Pilaf recipe is great for a light meal or as an accompaniment to grilled meat.   

Whether you choose to make an Italian, Spanish, or Middle Eastern meal, we think you’ll agree that the unique beauty and smoothness of olive wood makes this spoon not only useful, but a pleasure to hold.   

So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and begin a new culinary adventure!

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