Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rendezvous Around the World: A Fair Trade Jewelry Collection

Are you feeling the itch to travel? Or, simply need something new to transform your daily routine? We can help with that.

From The Earth has created a jewelry collection, Rendezvous Around the World, inspiring sojourns to mysterious places - majestic mountains, grandiose landscapes, windswept beaches, and mysterious islands.

Island Rhythm Set: Amazon US & Amazon UK

Covering much of the globe, each distinctive handmade piece in the collection stirs the imagination and brings the excitement and adventure of a rendezvous into your life. Each item within the collection can be purchased separately on Amazon.

Mediterranean Breeze Set: Amazon US & Amazon UK

Whether it's the turquoise stones in the Mediterranean Breeze set, the orange and golden tones of the jade on the Down Under Diva, the recycled coconut shells in the Island Rhythm set, or the colorful hand-painted ceramic beads of the Latin Spice necklace, each set in the collection points to a new adventure and a new opportunity to create an outstanding look.

Down Under Diva: Amazon US & Amazon UK

The artisans are proud of each hand-created masterpiece. In upcoming blogs, we will share each artisans favorite piece with you.

Latin Spice Set: Amazon US and Amazon UK

As you are being transported, be reminded that From The Earth is a fair trade certified company serving the community of Jordan by providing jobs for marginalized workers and opening international markets to local artists. In this way we work alongside other fair trade companies fighting against poverty.

Where to Purchase From The Earth Products:  
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Great jewelry line! Especially love that you are fair trade!

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