Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Natural Olive Oil Soap - Made in Jordan

From The Earth would like to introduce you to our latest Partner.  Their products are already in our Amman showroom and will soon be available on an Amazon near you.

Meet two people who are serious about clean. Issa and Marilyn Makdah started their soap making business when they couldn’t find what they needed – an all-natural olive oil soap. 

Being the multi-talented man that he is, Issa researched olive oil soap manufacturers. He found that the olive oil being used in “natural” olive oil soaps was crude olive oil, a perfect name for this particular product. But not what Issa had in mind when he envisioned “natural” olive oil soap.

Issa took action by creating his own natural olive oil soap using food-grade olive oil. In fact, all of the ingredients in the Makdah family soaps, except the essential oils, are food-grade ingredients. 

Together, he and his wife Marilyn began pursuing their dream to have truly natural, quality olive oil soaps available in Jordan. From The Earth found this amazing couple at a local souq. Our partnership developed quickly after we tried and fell in love with their products.

We love the Makdah’s passion for natural olive oil soaps produced in Jordan and they love our passion for assisting local artisans grow their businesses under a fair trade business model.

By partnering, we can reach the Makdah’s dream and go beyond by opening markets for them around the world. Because of our partnership, now you too can benefit from using truly natural olive oil soap.

Think about this. Your body will eventually ingest everything that goes on your skin. Shouldn’t what you put on your skin be good for your entire body?

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