Monday, January 14, 2013

A Big Thank You to Amazon Shoppers!

From The Earth would like to thank you for the hundreds of Amazon orders placed over the last few months on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon FR.

You are a part of the growth of the fair trade message in Jordan and around the world.

All of the employees at here in Jordan LOVE to read the comments that people write on the product pages on Amazon. 

Each item that leaves our production area is handmade and unique. Hearing about when these products arrive in your hands, as gifts for yourself or for others, warms our hearts. Which we really need because it is cold here in Jordan and you can only drink so much tea and coffee to stay warm.

Over the last few months, we have received comments on some of our products like these...

Olive Wood Small Hoop Earrings - Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon FR

I purchased these for my wife and she loves them. They are super lightweight and compliment her dark brown hair very well. - By Jordan

Hand Carved Olive Wood Angled Spatula Large - Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon FR

This spatula is great! The olive wood is gorgeous and the manufacturers sand it to a level that bests anything you'll find in William-Sonoma or Crate and Barrel (and it's at half the price!). Highly recommend. - By Alan

We would really like to see more comments. So, if you have purchased a From The Earth product, please go to the Amazon product page and leave a review.

Comments do help people make decisions on whether or not they should purchase a product. Taking five minutes to write a couple of sentences will be a huge help to our company.

Thank you!!!!

Where to Purchase From The Earth Products:  
Amazon UK 
Amazon FR

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