Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teaching about Fair Trade in Amman, Jordan

On Thursday, February 21st From The Earth's Marketing Manager, Abbey, visited Whitman Academy in Amman, Jordan to teach their 7th and 8th grade students about the importance and implications of fair trade. What fun!

In order to demonstrate this, each class played a game produced by World Vision wherein four countries were represented, each with different resources and at different stages of development. The purpose of the game was to make as much money as you could within the time frame given.

These bright students quickly saw the "unfairness" of being a country without opportunities. Additionally they were able to see the arrogance that comes with being the country with all of the resources. They tackled tough questions like; Do you give resources away for free? Do you sell resources to underdeveloped countries at a fair price? Do you exploit the underdeveloped country for your own profit?

The results during this game time were consistent with what you read in the international economic section of your local paper.

In the end, the students left with a little more awareness of how their buying behaviors affect the lives of countless individuals. From The Earth looks forward to future opportunities to share the message of fair trade with others in Amman, Jordan and around the world. Why? Because we all succeed when fair trade business practices are followed.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Ancient City of Jerash

The ancient city of Jerash (Gerasa) is a beautiful day trip to make when you are in Amman. The site has been undergoing excavation since the 1920's after being discovered in 1806 by German Orientalist Ulrich Jasper Seetzen.

Today these ruins are a source of amusement and wonder. You could literally spend hours weaving through the many columns still in existence. Or perhaps you would prefer to sit in one of the amphitheaters and listen to the bagpipe and drum duet. 

Below are a list of the many sites in Jerash, but do not leave without visiting the souq.
  • The Corinthium column
  • Hadrian's Arch
  • The circus/hippodrome
  • The two large temples (dedicated to Zeus and Artemis)
  • The nearly unique oval Forum, which is surrounded by a fine colonnade,
  • The long colonnaded street or cardo
  • Two theatres (the Large South Theatre and smaller North Theatre)
  • Two baths, and a scattering of small temple

Also in Jerash is one of From The Earth's partners, Made To Help. This German-Jordanian based project has a goal of helping families in places where decent living conditions are not the norm. Teaching textiles skills through a network of women, this project is giving much needed income to families. 

Each high-quality item is quality checked before leaving Made To Help headquarters. Currently, From The Earth has hand-towels, cosmetic bags, pencil cases, and kindle covers in our Amman Showroom.  

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Monday, February 11, 2013

eXclusive Collection - Unique Handmade Jewelry

eXtraordinary. eXtravagant. eXceptional. 
Do you ever wish that you could own a piece of jewelry that no one else does? If so, then stop into From The Earth's showroom in Bayader Wadi Seer to see the latest creations from our Master Designer - our eXclusive Collection. 

Each piece of jewelry in our eXclusive Collection is handcrafted, one of a kind, and hand signed by the designer. There will never be another piece like it.

The eXclusive Collection is ever changing, so be sure to stop by From The Earth’s showroom to see our latest creations.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Zalatimo Brother's Sweets Just Got Sweeter

It is no secret that From The Earth employees love sweets. Zalatimo Brother's sweets are some of our favorites, which is one reason that we are so excited that they are selling From The Earth handmade cards.

Another reason that we are excited about this new location is that now you can maximize your time by purchasing your card and gift of sweets together.

Quick Reminder: Valentine's Day is Next Week
So, when you need to pick up something sweet for your sweetheart at Zalatimo Brother's you can also purchase a From The Earth handmade card. A perfect one-stop-shop for your Valentine's Day needs.

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