Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Make Your Valentine's Day Amazing with a Little Planning

Don't you just love Valentine's Day!

Ok, stop your groaning. It can be a wonderful day, if you have planned correctly. Men, make those dinner reservations now, add a reminder to your phone to pick up some flowers, and buy your card and gifts right now by clicking this link to our store front where you can find both a card and a gift for your special someone.

You can also take comfort in knowing that the gift your buying is allowing other women to work in a clean, safe environment. Gotta love fair trade gifts right? There is just something a little more special about fair trade gifts and just to be honest it also communicates to the gift recipient that you are just a little more special than the last person they were with. It's a nice little bonus huh?

Now ladies, let's be honest, the odds that your man is reading this blog are not good, so you are going to need to send it to him. That's right, be direct and email it to him or you could be more subtle and just post it on your Facebook page or Tweet it out. 


Now here is the hard truth. We don't want to tell you what to do, but if your significant other did not say that she wanted a set of olive wood salad servers from Tunisia for Valentine's Day, then we might suggest purchasing something a little different, like, the Glamour Necklace & Bracelet with Simply Gold Earrings.

We at From The Earth do hope that you have an amazing Valentine's Day and simply love every person you encounter, even if that means just giving a smile.

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