Sunday, April 27, 2014

Annual Company Ladies Picnic

What a blast! The ladies of From The Earth took our annual company ladies picnic to Dibeen Forest and we were all once again reminded of how beautiful Jordan really is.

On the way, we stopped to eat our breakfast in a lovely spot. It was quite the feast, but this was just the beginning.

After getting back onto the bus, we continued our journey to our final destination. We unloaded our belongings and began to play games. We had an egg relay, a water balloon toss, and a game of guess who.

The winner of each game received a snickers bar so the competition was intense. Before starting on lunch, each lady rested in anyway she chose. For some this involved resting on a mat, others chatted, and others walked around the park.

Lunch was quite the feast.

We have a company favorite...yummy!

Finally, we packed up our belongings, said goodbye to Dibeen Forest and headed back to Amman. A lovely day spent outside the city and outside of the office. This event is something that all of the employees look forward to each year.

Some maybe asking, "What were the men of From The Earth doing?" Great question. There is no physical proof of this, but they promise they were working the whole day.

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Anonymous said...

How absolutely fun and fabulous for you ALL! Please give the women (and the men) of FTE my love! I think of all of you very often! <3 - Sylane

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